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Sixteenth Street

Sixteenth Street

68″ x 52″
Oil Pastel on Unstretched Canvas
*Stretching / Framing not included, but available for local collectors

This painting was my first pieces made in public. In April of 2019 I brought the canvas to downtown Denver's 16th street mall one morning. I spent the entire day, about 13 hours straight, painting. I had the canvas laid flat on the sidewalk across from the clock tower. I used a vinyl underlayment to keep a smooth and consistent texture with the oil pastels. 
It was way out of my comfort zone to make a piece in public like that with people stopping to look over my shoulder and some even walking or riding their skateboards right over what I was doing. This experience turned out such a cool  piece and opened the doors for me to be comfortable as a live painter. 
On that day, I originally thought I might be able to collect some tips as a busker, or even sell the painting. That didn't happen, of course, but i did meet some really cool people. one of those people has been a continuous supporter of my art, buying other originals and commissioning a few pieces. It's crazy, you never know what will come back to you when you put yourself out there.

*Original Painting Available for Purchase. Contact below to inquire.*

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