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My only wish is to have a thick, juicy, plump and ready-for-the-picking email list. Enter if you dare!!! 

I recently got this print of my latest painting, “Flight of the Ribbon Bird,” and would love for one of you to win it! 

Entering the raffle is so simple, your drunk uncle could do it! All you have to do is opt-in for email updates. A winner will be drawn once 260 (since I just turned 26) individuals subscribe their emails. 

I want to meet your mom....... No really, please share this link with any of your family and friends who you think would resonate with this artwork. Try as I may, your help in spreading the word is greatly appreciated and goes such a long way. Let's get the 260 subscribers as fast as possible!

If you don’t win the print, don’t fret; everyone who enters will get a 10% discount sitewide, no risk, all reward! Use that discount to buy a lamp and light up your bedroom after the kids go to sleep. Use that discount to buy some artwork that will stare at you from the wall from any angle in the house. Maybe get yourself some greeting cards to send a nice letter to grandma. 

The print is 18”x 24” gallery wrapped canvas. It has a gorgeous poplar wood frame finished in your choice of black or walnut, making it ready to hang. It is valued at just over $150 after taxes and shipping. I will be raffling off this print to one lucky winner! Also, this print is open edition, and will still be available for you to purchase. May the odds be ever in your favor... 

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