The creative process is how we navigate the day to day. It helps to process complex emotions, to see difficult things more clearly and also to settle into healthy routines. 
Creating art, in any fashion, is proven to lower stress levels, bringing a sense of balance to life. Through practice, bigger pictures are broken down into more manageable pieces; this translates into other aspects of how we live.
At the end of the day we can look back at what we’ve done and what it took to get there. This brings a great sense of satisfaction and a drive to show up in order to keep growing.
With art, the proof is in the pudding. By sharing our products, artists open the community to vulnerability and curiosity.
There are no imposing limits or restricting rules in art, everyone has their own relationship to creation and that’s the most beautiful thing!
*Eric Pflug does not grant permission for the reproduction of his art, images or writing in any form, physical or digital, without prior inquiry and written consent.*
*Photo taken by Ronald Massow*