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Maternal Mountain

Maternal Mountain

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Recycled Latex on Recycled Linen 

39" x 56"

This painting is a reflection on nurturing steady growth, building with a strong foundation, choosing a playful path and holding a heartfelt appreciation for nature's mysteries.

I was hankering to paint a large canvas for a while. My lady, Jess, and I were having a creative-night-in at the end of Dec. We raided her armoire for anything canvas like and also the crawlspace for any spare paint from the remodel. Turned out that was just what I needed, and its really fits my "garbajio" mission of reused/ recycled materials.
The painting itself took about 3 months to finish. Jess gave me tons of invaluable insight through the process on areas she particularly enjoyed or didn't. Have to say, it turned out great!



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