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Love Mind

Love Mind

Acrylic / Oil Pastels on Unstretched Fabric
50" x 64"

I hope this piece helps viewers to find a sense of relaxation and acceptance for where they are in their own world. 

"Love Mind" is a grungy and simple meditation piece. In this painting are the phrases "Love yourself, mind," and "Taught what not to be." I was working on transforming a deeply ingrained way of thinking about morality using the seven deadly sins. In this period I found it a huge benefit to focus on the positives I wanted to embody, and not the negatives to avoid... So, included in this painting is the opposite of the seven deadly sins. It is a mantra, if you will, written is poured-paint cursive.

It states: "I am humble, I am calm, I am healthy, I am selfless, I am loving, I am charitable, I am resourceful."

This mantra can be very difficult to read. I myself have a hard time with it too, which is kind of symbolic for how difficult life can be sometimes. If you're here now, you probably resonate with self betterment, and I commend you for that! 

*Original Painting Available for Purchase. Contact below to inquire.*

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