“Upturn Every Stone”

My life is like

Looking for jobs

Hands on face feeling like a waste

All this time could be used to create

Take some time

Take a walk

Sunshine in November 

Doesn't get better

Geese paddle by 

Scoop nibble in beaks

Remind me to not worry

About my next meal

Besides, I'm wanted

Supported and important

Invited in everyday 

A warm place to stay

A few things in the fridge 

No complaints

Breaking down in gratitude

At a red light 

Life gets hard but we've got that love

Missing my lady who travels abroad

When she gets back we're gonna snuggle up on the couch for a day or two

Watch some movies and likely hit snooze

Probably eating only from Charcuterie boards

Cut a me piece of that brie

If I wore mascara it'd be a smear

Drowning in longing

Tendinitis throbbing

Couldn't pick up a pencil

Strength lost in the tensile

Drop off you composure

Find your own closure 

Cut out the smoker

Take a breath and flow over

Like damn builds a lake

And powers the town

We inhabit the corners 

Of our forgotten past selves

Build better futures

For the neighbors' grandchildren

Plant fruit trees and flowers 

Income of creeping thyme per hour 

Holy Basil and wafting oregano 

Just want to feel at home

Every upturned stone

Revealed an ecosystem 

And that I have no control

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