“The Value of Leisure”

Where the hell do you want to go?

Please, go ahead and let me know.

What the hell do you want to do, 

really it’s all up to you

The plight of the plow

Sunshine on a working ox

Pulling fields of food and flowers

Patience torqued through snow drift powder

Yes indeed our vines do creep

Berries bush out wildly

Let’s escape to the stars and apples

Where bluebirds baptize and springs bubbly babble

A name for love is life

Like a casket with no cement

Be guiltless in pleasure

How else could we measure

The value of leisure

Is natural as to decompose

Set and mended broken bones 

Turn within to get back home

Remember the future? Now it’s something new

Butterfly effect in Schrodinger’s cosmic stew 

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