“The Mountain Talks”

The focus now is here to be

Close your eyes to truly see

Feel the sound of nature calling

Rooted in knowing like mycelium sprawling

Climb a tree and catch a sight

As every moment full of might

Confides its faith in unlocked trite

And falls or flaps in feathered flight

Like baby birds jumping free from nest

Are sure solar paths from east to west

The valley spans so far from here

But in its bosom, we’re held dear

Sitting on a camping chair

Feel the ember’s warming glare

Hunt like hawks

Spread like seeds

The mountain talks

When listening

Welcome death in every breath

Gratitude is life’s health

There’s so much to awaken to

The wilderness is like a school

Time crumbles the form of every presence 

Yet it only exists as the present

Sand falls between these fingers feeling

A memory cycles of the planet healing

Love sent out to all sentient beings

Nourish your soul and keep on swinging

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