“Play, Be Free”

May star maps guide you back right 

And tie you to the spirit of delight

Three plus times daily, may you take a bite

Slow down your mind at night

and dream a dream that reignites

Wind at your back, expecting a bend
If you’re feeling lonely, please, don't pretend 

Here is a reality to defend

Lease, buy, rent, or squat- find a brand new best friend

Either way, play, be free

When and where do you want to meet?

Blue tarp forts and afternoon fillers

Canopied by the red oak pillars

Tried and true old rope swing 

A push from you is the only thing

Ensuring were on the same home team 

Roly Polies under a log

Snail trails, snake tails, and bunny hops

Striving snares, shoebox traps 

Slushie cup full of lightning bugs 

Ring a bell and my childish self

Comes on running up the hill

Salivating like a hungry dog

At the end of a playful summer day

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