“Like a Key”

Canary yellow or baby blue 

Where do I stop for you?

Spiders crawl by number 8

2 plus 2 times 2 

For two fours too

Such a tax the math of madness 

in accord with this sadness 

that can’t be ignored 

or taken lightly

in a misspelled word 

Tumble doubt through a thorough washing

Escape by purpose and equal action causing

Door knobs know to stay tightly screwed 

Relative, at least, to external promptitude 

From lightbulb to lightning bolt

Edison to Tesla

you and me

like a key

are opening 

electrically arcing

across the space between

Turn back around

From incomplete

Peruse climax and savor snacks

Wear on through more blue jean knees

Which stack away in folds so neat

Like the passing turns we take 

Eight o clock and feeling gay

Old cold gray winter

springs new buds of green

As summer suns fall in fading red

When life lived is by each kind gesture

It questions not the manifester 

Quickly crosses jokes like jesters

Hopeless hermits are unsequestered 

And decisions dedicate to live their best year

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