“Carpe Diem”

who are you

to say how

let me know

what to do with this mouth

And when to let it out

take a look at what's been done

not a lot, but a few

quality moments become

wholy fragmented. Backtrack

Where did this start? 

Can’t ignore a part

steps are steep into a heart

take the memory lest forgotten

Giving back in soft harmonic

plucking vocal chords so softly

for the ear

catch a falling note
And wipe a tear

the second hand 

can spin all year

but I’d stop time 

to hold you near

can't take it back

but why would we

hold the slack 

and reach back goodly

gladly… hadn't we?

you have me 

madly falling 

for your style of sadly

so serene

the carpe diem

Words timed out between our tongues, 

as if that’s all there ever was 

take what's yours. 

take mine too

make it new. 

Give it all for you 

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