“A Tearful Finder”

We fell into Place 

From our homes in outer space

Human race is but a trace of stardust laced

In every carbon footprint we displace

An inflection of the passing turns we take

When we are seen in another’s eye

Its all the same as asking why

Why not now can we fly?

Fall in style through the needle’s eye

Love needs reflection 

Love weaves impression

Love breeds expression

Love leaves no question

Like the backs of fragile, aging hands

Reveal their stories 

To passing youths

leave a message 

like birds build nests

from fluttering desire

Our dreams burn higher

Bent together


Cracks and gaps 

House liquid gold, 

We re-fashion ourselves

And are reborn whole

It's alright to be anxious dear

Feeling fears and mascara smearing

The spilling cup of care so near 

Is bountifully being held in healing

Impeccably practice, redefine reminders 

Fight not back a tearful finder

Got enough tears for two?

So also does the morning dew

Let them fall and burn

Then we take our turn

The depth of warmth 

gives us the shivers. 

Sharing synchronized breaths

affirmatively forming whispers

Deoxyribonucleic acid 

from tongue to bud 

we are empathic

Cliffsides tumble and turn back to sand,

as your fingers

wrap around my hand. 

When you kiss 

my chapped lips often, 

we fall forever 

and land so softly.

Burdens lightened 

by weightless care

in these arms 

you’re held secure

Spread and fill 

this atmosphere

The air outside

is prickling cold 

so steam may rise 

from our evaporative souls

we pull on covers

To remind the other

that time will hold

another fold

around the corner 

of garment strings

we mend back 

into everything

If the way back home 

gets long lost 

Reach for me 

and I'll come last

Toss and turn for a while

Dream a dream of eyes that smile

Awaken now the simplicity of soul

In the light flowers turn to unfold 

feeling your bed under my hair. 

resting in this moment here. 

Around again 

towards afternoon

dance in sunrise 

and set the mood

in the kitchen 

cooking breakfast food 

while you set the table

and make more room

Backgrounds live in a length of song

Stretching time through subjective wrongs

Yes we're yet young 

and may rewrite these lyrics

Summit screaming or valley singing,

Your voice shines brighter

than church bells ringing 

To the outside looking in

Only oneness forgives a sin

Quiet minds 

find a plane to wander

a face to ponder

a place much fonder

Where purpose pours 

In perfect drops 

of portrait water

and frames freeze frequently

in the faith of laughter

We give ourselves permission 

To take, give

To live, let live

And follow dreams to fruition

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