“A Steady Notion”

Gotta get sober

Said in October

Nicotine and a cold shoulder

And then in November

December till May

Trudging through another day

Stuck in a tar pit of pain

Wasted on every holiday

Pray the Lord takes my soul away

Pretending I’m not afraid

To feel lonely or incomplete 

Hidden in abuse of substance

Is desire to reconnect with love

But that connection gets lost and diluted 

In craven resurgence 

For emotional support

Enforced in friends groups

And contorted by growling untruths

Honestly, who hasn’t been there

Still enough care 

Still getting repaired

Still floating on air

Instead of drowning

When it all comes in waves

Now we get grounded

So there’s no falter in way

Carry a little less stress

Through a routine of asanas

Grasping for breath 

Finding nirvana 

Utilizing the rest

Of frontal lobe trauma

Silt settles best

Unguilted by drama

Journey on, oh restless spirit

The kettle screams, but you won’t hear it

The steam of flowers herbs a potion

Would this warmth be a steady notion?

It’s alright if you’re still looking

All in due fairness

Do we grow in awareness 

And each find our footing 

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